VBI Programme Guide

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"Equipping the saints" has always been a priority for the Vineyard. One of our primary goals is therefore to provide training that is accessible to all people.

The documents available from this page explain various key elements of the VBI program. Please read these documents to find out more about what the educational philosophy of VBI is as well as some other important facts before beginning your journey as a VBI student.

Education Philosophy (download)

This document briefly explains the educational philosophy that surrounds the VBI online campus

Levels of Training (download)

VBI has four different levels of training namely:

  • School of Ministry level
  • Diploma level 
  • Advanced Diploma level
  • BCS Degree Level

    Entrance Requirements

    There are no entrance requirements.

    Certificates as building blocks (download)

    The VBI program currently consists of five Certificates namely:
  • Certificate in Kingdom Theology
  • Certificate in Biblical Theology
  • Certificate in Practical Theology
  • Certificate in Historical and Contextual Theology
  • Arts Certificate
    (Please download the Information Manual to read more about the VBI Certificates).